love be like

love ain't never seen itself in the mirror.
love can't see itself without seeing itself disappear.
love is good to pull you near to push you thru to do what's new.
love has never ever encountered a pleasure that it counted unworthy to be recounted.
love lives at the bottom of a curvy road whose curves beg you to set down your heavy load.
love will pick rags over riches, being well aware that that means mean people will stare.
love considers itself to be in a class of its own, teaching the classes that love is something that not one of them can own.
love is something that some people don’t condone so love is that thing that leaves a lot of people alone.
love is that thing that’s better than the rest because love takes what you got and gives it to the rest.
love is that thing you learn the most about in the absence of.
love is a trip because the less you have, the more you search, but the more you search, the less you find.
love is more lion than dove, and just ain't right when it fits like a glove.
love is the reason a man cries, a failure tries, and a hope spies.
love conquers the fall and leaves the plunder to be squandered by all.
love knows that pain is the reason that you've never looked it in the eye.
love wonders why when it waves, it hears goodbye.
love cares to bare its chest to the touch of a rough caress.
love will get hit but then refuse to quit on those of gave it shit, or those who didn't give a shit.
love is unfuckwitable which may mean that it may not have been made to be messed with it.
love wants its dreams to come true.
love wants you to know that when it dreams its dreams, it’s dreams are about you.
love is not about you but it is for you.